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INTRODUCTION Machine-Type-Communications (MTC) applications are automated applications, which involve communications between machines or devices without human intervention. Such applications are widely adopted in our everyday life [1]. Though cellular mobile networks could offer MTC ubiquitous network access service with widely deployed infrastructure, they(More)
—Future mobile communications systems are likely to be very different to those of today with new service innovations driven by increasing data traffic demand, increasing processing power of smart devices and new innovative applications. To meet these service demands the telecommunications industry is converging on a common set of 5G requirements which(More)
Initial access is the process which allows a mobile user to first connect to a cellular network. It consists of two main steps: cell search (CS) on the downlink and random access (RA) on the uplink. Millimeter wave (mmWave) cellular systems typically must rely on directional beamforming (BF) in order to create a viable connection. The beamforming direction(More)
PURPOSE To determine the negative predictive value of sonographically guided 14-gauge core needle biopsy of breast masses, with detailed analysis of any false-negative cases. MATERIALS AND METHODS We reviewed 669 cases of sonographically guided 14-gauge core needle biopsies that had benign pathologic findings. Given a benign pathology on core biopsy,(More)
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