Charlie Y. Wang

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We compared image restoration methods [Richardson-Lucy (RL), Wiener, and Next-image] with measured "scatter" point-spread-functions, for removing subsurface fluorescence from section-and-image cryo-image volumes. All methods removed haze, delineated single cells from clusters, and improved visualization, but RL best represented structures. Contrast-to-noise(More)
We reported a 13-year-old boy diagnosed as multiple sclerosis associated with narcolepsy. He had suffered from retrobulbar optic neuritis at the age of 11 years which was improved gradually by prednisolone. Four months later he was admitted because of excessive somnolence. The diagnosis of narcolepsy was made based on hypnagogic hallucination, sleep(More)
A patient with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome developed an unusual feature of periodic spasms (PS), intermixed with tonic seizures. At age 14, she began to have unilateral seizures on awaking, followed by series of spasms Each spasm consisted of rotation of the head to the left and global muscle contraction of the whole body lasting for 0.5-1 second. Ictal EEGs(More)
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