Charlie Rowland

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In recent years finite element analysis (FEA) has emerged as a useful tool for the analysis of skeletal form-function relationships. While this approach has obvious appeal for the study of fossil specimens, such material is often fragmentary with disrupted internal architecture and can contain matrix that leads to errors in accurate segmentation. Here we(More)
Trilostane and Aminoglutethimide, each given with a physiological replacement dose of hydrocortisone, were randomly allocated to 72 eligible postmenopausal advanced breast cancer patients; following treatment failure on either drug the patient continued with the other drug, if in a suitable clinical condition. Thirty-eight patients initially received(More)
The treatment of home-based cancer patients with continuous infusion chemotherapy requires that complete courses of medication in pre-filled syringes are provided on an out-patient basis. The infusion must remain stable prior to use during refrigerated storage (up to 14 days) and during infusion from holster-worn ambulatory infusion pumps where the(More)
Several anti-cancer agents are administered by continuous infusion in an attempt to improve the therapeutic index obtained with solid tumours. In Exeter this approach, combined with the use of ambulatory infusion pumps, forms the basis of a home oncology programme in which a complete course of medication in pre-filled syringes is supplied on an out-patient(More)
High dose radiation therapy given as a single fraction to the upper and lower halves of the body gives effective palliation for metastatic solid tumours. This treatment modality appears to be particularly effective in tumours which may have a slow doubling time such as carcinoma of the prostate. Fifty-two patients with metastatic carcinoma of the prostate(More)
High-dose radiation therapy given as a single fraction to upper and lower halves of the body provides extremely effective palliation of widespread malignant disease. The side effects are tolerable to patients and the problem of numerous hospital attendances for palliative therapy is avoided. In view of its good tolerance and the theoretical tumour cell kill(More)