Charlie Poole

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There are claims in the literature that the risk difference is a more heterogeneous measure than the odds ratio or risk ratio. These claims are based on surveys of meta-analyses showing that tests reject the null hypothesis of homogeneity more often for the risk difference than for the ratio measures. Discussions of this point have neglected the fact that(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Telemedicine systems offer many potential advantages for health care delivery. Most reports have centered on the delivery of primary and medical subspecialty care rather than on its impact on patient care and the potential for cost savings. In 1993, we implemented NeuroLink, a wide-area teleradiology network for delivery of(More)
This panel brings together practitioners with experience in Agile and XP methodologies to discuss the approaches and benefits of applying Test Driven Development (TDD). The goal of TDD is clean code that works. The mantra of TDD is: write a test; make it run; and make it right. Open questions to be addressed by the panel include: - How are TDD approaches to(More)
Edna Acosta Pérez Alexandra Adams Bob Addy Lily Alpert Nina Anderson Tamar Antin Victoria Banyard Tania B. Basta Joy Noel Baumgartner Paula Bawer Tryfon Beazoglou Lorenda Belone William Benda Rony Berger Dana Bishop Craig Blakely Kenneth Bolin Lynne Bond Laura Kris Bosworth Alida Bouris Lauretta Brennan Pia Britto J. Nell Brownstein Mariana Brussoni Alex(More)
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