Charlie H. Cooke

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A conjecture for generalized Hadamard matrices over group G of order p states that Hadamard matrix GH(p, h) exists only if the matrices In and nIn are Hermitian congruent [1], where n = ph and p is prime. References (4,5] document many parameter values for which non-existence is known to occur. Here, methods for establishing non-existence based upon a(More)
The main idea of this paper is to find the results and errors of the probabilistic model that use sampling with replacement for blackjack poker. It starts with analyzing serendipitous hands when a player holds two 9s against 7 from a dealer. It finds the probability distribution P(X = x) by assuming that the chance of getting each card is equally likely.(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the use of planning models and social marketing planning principles within a state's central public health agency as a means for informing improved planning practices. METHODS Qualitative semi-structured interviews were conducted with 30 key programme planners in selected division branches, and a quantitative survey was(More)
For proving the existence and uniqueness of strong solutions to dY dt = F(Y ), Y (0) = C, (1) the most quoted condition seen in elementary differential equations texts is that F(Y ) and its first derivative be continuous. One wonders about the existence of a minimal regularity condition which allows unique strong solutions. In this note, a bizarre example(More)
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