Charlie Chubb

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Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) can impair interictal cognitive function. In the perceptual domain, previous psychophysical studies demonstrated specific deficits in auditory and tactile perception in patients with TLE. This study compared performance of 25 TLE subjects and 27 controls on two low-level, visual tasks: luminance discrimination and frequency(More)
INTRODUCTION What preattentive mechanisms are sensitive to scrambles (spatially random mixtures) of colors from the L-M cardinal axis of DKL space? METHODS On a trial, the participant strove to localize a circular target patch of color-scramble with one histogram in a large, annular background color-scramble with a different histogram. Scrambles were(More)
INTRODUCTION Features that support "pop out" in visual search are often assumed to be associated with preattentive mechanisms that can support feature-based attention in other tasks. We have found that this assumption holds for luminance and hue; however, a companion presentation shows that, although differences in absolute bar-orientation support pop out,(More)
The 2012-13 academic year started on a sad note with the August 2012 passing of R. Duncan Luce. Duncan was the founding director of the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences (IMBS) and one of our institute's intellectual leaders. Duncan belonged to the handful of pioneers who, after World War II, injected, through mathematical modeling, reasoning,(More)
Most commercially available image retrieval systems are so generic that they are not specialized to handle biological images and the feature domains associated with them. In molecular biology, neurobiology and cellular biology, for example, the recognition, classification and retrieval of distinct cellular features is a critically needed tool representing a(More)
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