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Asian-Americans: Television Advertising and the “Model Minority” Stereotype
Abstract Asian-Americans are a growth market. Their affluence, high education, and work ethic position them as a “model minority.” However complimentary that term may seem, it nonetheless represents
The EXPERF Scale: A Cross-National Generalized Export Performance Measure
10 Understanding the determinants of export performance is important for researchers as well as international marketing practitioners. Yet, there has been a lack of consensus with regard to the
Social media and international advertising: Theoretical challenges and future directions
Purpose – The primary aim of this article is to identify theoretical foundations that can be used in research on social media in the context of international advertising research. An additional
In introducing the special issue on international advertising, this paper assesses progress made in international research. It begins with an examination of the content of international advertising
Voluntary self‐disclosure of information on the Internet: A multimethod study of the motivations and consequences of disclosing information on blogs
As marketing paradigms have shifted toward the need to build a relationship with consumers, marketers need to facilitate two-way communications in order to better understand them. The ability of
The Impact of Information Level on the Effectiveness of U.S. and Korean Television Commercials
Abstract The authors report the findings of an experiment comparing the effectiveness of television commercials with varied levels of information content (high vs. low) in the United States and the
Measuring Soft-Sell Versus Hard-Sell Advertising Appeals
The terms "soft sell" and "hard sell" are well known to advertising scholars and practitioners. Despite wide-spread use of these terms, generally accepted definitions do not exist. Attempts to
The EXPERF Scale: A Cross-National Generalized Export Performance Measure
A large number of studies have attempted to identify factors that are correlated with exporting success. However, much controversy exists about the key determinants of export performance and their
Use and Effectiveness of Billboards: Perspectives from Selective-Perception Theory and Retail-Gravity Models
A survey reveals four primary reasons why businesses use billboard advertising: visibility, media efficiency, local presence, and tangible response. Insights on the relative importance of these