Charles de Lambilly

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Patellar maltracking after total knee arthroplasty often results in complications, including anterior knee pain, instability and impingement, and is therefore better resolved intraoperatively. Many factors can affect patellar kinematics during knee replacement, including component position, implant design, joint alignment, and soft tissue tensions. However,(More)
Discoid meniscus is a well-known meniscal dysmorphia affecting more often the lateral meniscus of the knee. Familial series are exceptional with only two reported instances. A new series of three bilateral symptomatic cases of lateral discoid menisci was reported in a family of three brothers and sisters, whom parents had never suffered from their knees.(More)
19 specimen of pathologically proved multicystic kidneys were opacified; first through the ureter and second, if the ureter was not patent, through a puncture of one of the cysts (or several if the first cyst did not communicate with the ureter or with other cysts). The results are as follows. The ureter was hypoplastic but patent in 12 and communicated(More)
The authors report 3 rare cases of pseudo-ureteroceles corresponding to a vesical imprint of an ectopic extra-vesical megaureter. When an ectopic extra-vesical ureter follows a sharp juxta-vesical buckle, it can give a deep imprint on the bladder and look similar to an ureterocele. I.V.P. and U.S. can be as misleading since the appearance of this type of(More)
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