Charles Zemach

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A new method for modeling surface tension effects on fluid motion has been developed. Interfaces between fluids of different properties, or " colors, " are represented as transition regions of finite thickness, across which the color variable varies continuously. At each point in the transition region, a force density is defined which is proportional to the(More)
Floryan, J.M. and C. Zemach, Schwarz-Christoffel methods for conformal mapping of regions with a periodic boundary, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 46 (1993) 77-102. Numerical conformal mapping methods for regions with a periodic boundary have been developed. These methods are based on the generalized Schwarz-Christoffel equation and can(More)
A systematic study of the Bethe-Salpeter relativistic two-body equation is continued. The equation is treated in Wick-rotated coordinate space. A bilinear combination of functions, called a bracket ii defined. Its relation to scattering amplitudes and their residues at poles, and to questions of structure of the equation and numerical accuracy of solutions(More)
The properties of angular-momentum tensors described in a previous paper are used to develop tests for the spins and parities of resonances. Fermion resonances decaying into particles of spin zero and spin onehalf or spin zero and spin three-halves and boson resonances decaying into particles of spin zero and spin one are considered in some detail.(More)
Elements of the structure of the Bethe-Salpeter equation are studied. Properties of useful special functions are obtained and free particle solutions to the truncated expansion of the equation in four-dimensional spherical harmonics are derived in terms of known special functions. Validity of the truncation approximation is examined in terms of a convenient(More)
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