Charles Z. Sheets

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Limited information exists in the current medical literature regarding the performance of surgical cricothyrotomy by flight nurse personnel. We undertook a retrospective review of all flight records from our regional air ambulance service. The flight team transported 2,188 patients during this time; 69 patients required surgical cricothyrotomy for airway(More)
Clinical and personal equipoise exists when a clinician has no good basis for a choice between two or more care options or when one is truly uncertain about the overall benefit or harm offered by the treatment to his/her patient. For most manual therapy trials, equipoise does not likely exist. Because of the nature of the intervention a lack of equipoise(More)
Information gathered from the patient history, physical examination, and advanced testing augments the decision-making process and is proposed to improve the probability of diagnostic and prognostic accuracy. However, these findings may provide inconsistent results and can lead to errors in decision-making. The purpose of this study was to examine the(More)
BACKGROUND Post-operative C5 nerve root palsy is a known complication following cervical spine surgery. Although several theories have been proposed, there remains no consensus as to the etiology of the palsies. Multiple pre-operative radiographic measures have been assessed for utility in predicting palsy. The purpose of this study is to evaluate published(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Patients with inflammatory spinal conditions related to spondyloarthritis are rarely seen by primary care practitioners. However, patients with a history of inflammatory bowel disease and chronic low back or buttock pain should be examined carefully for the presence of spondyloarthritis, as proper management may include referral to a(More)
BACKGROUND Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a chronic autoimmune spondyloarthropathy that primarily affects the axial spine and hips. Progressive disease leads to pronounced spinal kyphosis, positive sagittal balance, and altered biomechanics. The purpose of this study is to determine the complication profile of patients with AS undergoing total hip(More)
Summer dance intensive programs are an integral part of many serious dancers' training. The risk and rate of injury in this setting have not been well studied. The goal of this data analysis is to detail the epidemiology of dance injuries reported during a summer dance intensive over a consecutive 3 year period. Data collection included information(More)
BACKGROUND Sagittal balance restoration has been shown to be an important determinant of outcomes in corrective surgery for degenerative scoliosis. Lateral interbody fusion (LIF) is a less-invasive technique which permits the placement of a high lordosis interbody cage without risks associated with traditional anterior or transforaminal interbody(More)
Laminoplasty and laminectomy with fusion are two common procedures for the treatment of cervical spondylotic myelopathy. Controversy remains regarding the superior surgical treatment. To compare short-term follow-up of laminoplasty to laminectomy with fusion for the treatment of cervical spondylotic myelopathy. Retrospective review comparing all patients(More)
Manual therapy (MT) is a commonly used treatment for knee osteoarthritis (OA) but to date only one systematic review has explored its effectiveness. The purpos e of the present study was to perform a systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature, to determine the effectiveness and fidelity of studies using MT techniques in individuals with knee OA.(More)