Charles Young

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Draft iii Abstract Current addressing modes for general-register, von Neumann computers, and notions about their design and use, impede the effectiveness of both optimizing compilers and their writers. This problem derives from the unstructured methodology used to combine indirection, indexing, and scaling to form addressing modes. Their creation is(More)
Medicine is becoming more personal – and not a minute too soon. Clinicians have always cared about individual patients. But it's easy to lose sight of individuals when the number of patients passing through your healthcare service is huge and growing rapidly, and when the austere financial climate necessitates strict targets often applying to populations of(More)
Negotiations surrounding sexual activity are characterised by multiple power disparities that include race, social status and age, with gender being the most dominant differential in heterosexual interactions. Research has shown that women are physiologically more at risk of contracting HIV than men, as indicated by the higher infection rates of the former.(More)
"Although the popular view is that young people are leaving home later, a closer investigation of [Australian] data from 1979 to 1995 shows that this is not entirely true. Decreases are observed in the proportion of 15-19 year old men and women living at home at least since the mid-1980s, the increase for 20-24 year old men ceased in 1990, and only 20-24(More)
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