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OBJECTIVE A research prototype Physician Workstation (PWS) incorporating a graphical user interface and a drug ordering module was compared with the existing hospital information system in an academic Veterans Administration General Medical Clinic. Physicians in the intervention group received recommendations for drug substitutions to reduce costs and were(More)
An operating Pd//D2O, Li+, Cl(-)//Pt cell, placed in an external electrostatic field, yielded unexpected results, viz. (i) Morphological changes in the form of discrete sites exhibiting molten-like features, i.e. features that require substantial energy expenditure. (ii) Presence of elements (Al, Mg, Ca, Si, Zn, ...) that could not be extracted from cell(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the effect of the new UK alcohol licensing law on overnight attendances to the emergency department. METHODS A retrospective cohort study at the emergency department of St Thomas' Hospital, London over 2 months, one before and one after the introduction of the new legislation. All people over the age of 16 years who attended the(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this research is to obtain accurate drinking norms for students living in the university residences in preparation for future social norms interventions that would allow individual students to compare their drinking to an appropriate reference group. METHOD Random cluster sampling was used to obtain data from 318 residence(More)
Negotiations surrounding sexual activity are characterised by multiple power disparities that include race, social status and age, with gender being the most dominant differential in heterosexual interactions. Research has shown that women are physiologically more at risk of contracting HIV than men, as indicated by the higher infection rates of the former.(More)
Medicine is becoming more personal – and not a minute too soon. Clinicians have always cared about individual patients. But it's easy to lose sight of individuals when the number of patients passing through your healthcare service is huge and growing rapidly, and when the austere financial climate necessitates strict targets often applying to populations of(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the extent to which students typically overestimate normative drinking and to determine whether these estimates are uniquely implicated in alcohol consumption over and above the role of the various demographic and family variables. METHOD An online survey was used to obtain a sample of 2 177 students who completed the AUDIT(More)