Charles Y. Prescott

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and the reviewers for helpful discussions and advice. Abstract Despite tremendous debate and policy interest, there has been relatively little research into the issue of how much individuals value their privacy. In this paper, I estimate the demand for privacy from telemarketing as provided by state-level " do not call " registries. I then project the(More)
We have measured parity violating asymmetries in the inelastic scattering of longitudinally polarized electrons from deuterium and hydrogen. For deuterium near Q2 = 1.6 (GeV/c)2 the asymmetry is (-9.5 x 10m5) Q2 with statistical and,systematic uncertainties each about 10%.-2-We have observed a parity non-conserving asymmetry in the inelastic scattering of(More)
Many extensions of the standard model of particle physics suggest that neutrinos should be Majorana-type fermions-that is, that neutrinos are their own anti-particles-but this assumption is difficult to confirm. Observation of neutrinoless double-β decay (0νββ), a spontaneous transition that may occur in several candidate nuclei, would verify the Majorana(More)
Development of a high intensity, rapidly reversible, polarized electron source to serve as an injector for the Stanford Linear Accelerator is underway. Polarized electrons are obtained by iiluminating negative electron affinity GaAs with circularly polarized light of wavelength corresponding to the band gap. The present status of the project is described.(More)
Recent developments in laser-driven photoemission sources of polarized electrons have made prospects for highly polarized electron beams in a future linear collider very promising. This talk discusses the experiences with the SLC polarized electron source, the recent progress with research into gallium arsenide and strained gallium arsenide as a(More)
100 MHz waveform digitizers have been used to measure drift times and charge division positions of charged particles in a prototype of the SLD central drift chamber at SLAC. Test beam results show performance to be equivalent to conventional timing and charge integration techniques. J In order to handle the high cell occupancy that may occur in the Central(More)
We have extended our earlier measurements of parity violating asymmetries in the inelastic scattering of longitudinally polarized electrons from deuterium to cover the range 0.15 5 y I 0.36. The observed asymmetry shows only slight y dependence over this range. Our results are consistent with the expectations of the Weinberg-Salam model for a value of(More)