Charles Wetherell

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Trees are extremely common data structures, both as internal objects and as models for program output. But it is unusual to see a program actually draw trees for visual inspection. Although part of the difficulty lies in programming graphics devices, most of the problem arises because naive algorithms to draw trees use too much drawing space and(More)
LR is an LR(1) parser generation system. It is written entirely in portable ANS1 standard Fortran 66 and has been successfully operated on a number of computers. LR uses a powerful algorithm of Pager's to generate a space efficient parser for any LR(1) grammar. Generated parsers have been used in a variety of compilers, utility programs, and applications(More)
To date, supercomputers have required considerable programming effort to achieve significant fractions of peak speed. The authors highlight the design aspects of the system software in the Titan, a single-user supercomputer, and describe how that software interacts with the hardware to provide efficient supercomputer performance without undue effort. They(More)
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