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All echinoderms have unique hydraulic structures called tube feet, known for their roles in light sensitivity, respiration, chemoreception and locomotion. In the green sea urchin, the most distal portion of these tube feet contain five ossicles arranged as a light collector with its concave surface facing towards the ambient light. These ossicles are(More)
Biospecimen banking programs are critically dependent on participation of diverse population members. The purpose of this study was to test a pilot intervention to enhance recruitment to a biospecimen bank among racially diverse community members. A mixed methods, community-based participatory research (CBPR) orientation was used to develop and pilot an(More)
The cell-cycle checkpoint protein p53 both directs terminal differentiation and protects embryos from DNA damage. To study invertebrate p53 during early development, we identified three differentially expressed p53 family members (p53, p97, p120) in the surf clam, Spisula solidissima. In these mollusks, p53 and p97 occur in both embryonic and adult tissue,(More)
Reported barriers to participation in biospecimen banking include unwillingness to undergo blood-draw procedures and concerns about confidentiality breaches, privacy, and discrimination. The study identified key factors and influential perspectives to address these barriers and inform methods to improve recruitment and research participation among racially(More)
In nature, the soft shell clam, Mya arenaria, develops a fatal blood cancer in which a highly conserved homologue for wild-type human p53 protein is rendered nonfunctional by cytoplasmic sequestration. In untreated leukemic clam hemo-cytes, p53 is complexed throughout the cytoplasm with overexpressed variants for both clam homologues (full-length variant,(More)
The nutation (wobble) of a spinning spacecraft in the presence of energy dissipation is a well-known problem in dynamics and is of particular concern for space missions. Its rate of growth is characterized by the Nutation Time Constant (NTC). For analytical prediction of the NTC this fuel slosh is often modeled using simple mechanical analogs such as(More)
Transcriptome and genome data from twenty stony coral species and a selection of reference bilaterians were studied to elucidate coral evolutionary history. We identified genes that encode the proteins responsible for the precipitation and aggregation of the aragonite skeleton on which the organisms live, and revealed a network of environmental sensors that(More)
Anaerobic, fixed film, bioreactors bioaugmented with a dechlorinating microbial consortium were evaluated as a potential technology for cost effective, sustainable, and reliable treatment of mixed chlorinated ethanes and ethenes in groundwater from a large groundwater recovery system. Bench- and pilot-scale testing at about 3 and 13,500 L, respectively,(More)
The <i>Makin' Cake</i> installation [Figures 1--3] is a skill-based competitive single player game with a twist. Players type-in 1950's cake recipes as fast as they can and get points for every word. The twist is extra points are given for swearing. The installation demonstrates that media are transparent to the point of being empty. They do not contain(More)