Charles W. Schmidt

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THE aim o f th is s tudy w as to dete r m in e p h en otyp ic dif fe r e nces w h e n BCG in vades m acr op h age s. Bacilli p r ep ar ed fr o m th e s am e BCG p rim ary s e ed, but p r oduce d in dif fe r e nt cultur e m edia , w er e an alys ed w ith r es p ect to th e ability to s tim ulate m acr op h age s an d th e s usce ptibility to tr eatm en t w(More)
Karakitsos and coworkers, in this journal, reported further compelling evidence on the value of ultrasound in guiding internal jugular vein catheterization. In a large, prospective, randomized study of 900 patients, comparisons were made between patients in whom the procedure was performed using landmark-based techniques and those assigned to ultrasound(More)
Background: Skeletal muscle depletion is an important complication of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) but little prospective data exists about the rate at which it occurs and the factors that promote its development. We therefore prospectively investigated the impact of disease severity, exacerbation frequency and treatment with corticosteroids(More)
Background: Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in American men, and few effective treatment options are available to patients who develop hormone-refractory prostate cancer. The molecular changes that occur to allow prostate cells to proliferate in the absence of androgens are not fully understood.
F or decades, efforts to slow global warming have mostly aimed to limit heat-trapping emissions of carbon dioxide (CO 2). Now scientists are pointing to a different class of warming agents they say also must be targeted to keep global temperatures in check. Dubbed " short-lived climate forcings " (SLCFs), these other emissions— namely, black carbon(More)
Africa is quickly becoming a destination for information technology in the form of tons of used computers, fax machines, cell phones, and other electronics. Although many of these machines can be repaired and resold, up to 75% of the electronics shipped to Africa is junk. This equipment, when dumped, may leach lead, mercury, and cadmium into the(More)