Charles W. Hewgley

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This paper addresses the investigation into the feasibility of the use of precision guided airdrop as a means to deliver cargo to naval vessels at sea. In this context, precision guided airdrop means delivering unmanned cargo packages that, once dropped from an aircraft at high altitude, have the capability to guide themselves to a precise landing point by(More)
This paper examines some of the challenges that must be overcome if future aerial delivery systems are to have the capability to land on the flight deck of a ship underway. The unique aspects of trajectory planning for landing on a ship’s flight deck are first examined, followed by formulation of the position estimation problem for a moving target. Some(More)
Abbreviations AADS = autonomous aerial delivery system ADS = aerial delivery system CEP = circular error probable C = command and control IED = improvised explosive device GNC = guidance, navigation and control GPS = Global Positioning System GSM = Global System for Mobile (Communications) MCCC = mission C center PATCAD = Precision Airdrop Technology(More)
This paper discusses the development and testing of the new-generation recovery system in highpowered rockets. It starts from the overall description of the rocket system, the requirements of the Miniature Autonomous Rocket Recovery System (MARRS) and is followed by a description of a flight tested MARRS. Next, simulation and results from the flight tests(More)
Spontaneous magnetic alignment (SMA), in which animals position their body axis in fixed alignments relative to magnetic field lines, has been shown in several classes of vertebrates and invertebrates. Although these responses appear to be widespread, the functional significance and sensory mechanism(s) underlying SMA remain unclear. An intriguing example(More)
This paper outlines an investigation into the use of a simple, focal-plane imaging sensor for guidance of an autonomous parafoil system for approach and landing on a moving platform such as a ship underway. The perspective-projective transformation between an object in a three-dimensional world and an image on a two-dimensional plane is analyzed and then(More)
This paper discusses the current status of the development of the mobile aerial delivery system to be further employed in a variety of different applications. High accuracy of the developed system enables its use in precision troop resupply, precise sensors placement, urban warfare reconnaissance and other similar operations. This paper overviews the(More)
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