Charles W. Curtis

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2. Preliminaries. In this note, * will always denote a field of characteristic zero. An integral square matrix satisfying M l , M2, and M3 will be called a generalized Cartan matrix, or g.c.m. for short. Z will denote the integers, and in any Lie algebra we will use the symbol [lu h, , In] to denote the product [ • • • [[hh] • • • ]L]. 1 These results were(More)
Introduction. I t is known [13] that a Lie algebra over a modular field has indecomposable representations of arbitrarily high dimensionalities. If, however, the Lie algebra and its representations are required to be restricted (see [6, Chapter 5] for definitions), this need no longer be the case. A restricted Lie algebra for which the degrees of its(More)
The six hundred sixteenth meeting of the American Mathematical Society was held on Saturday, November 14, 1964 at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. There were 197 registrants at this meeting. By invitation of the Committee to Select Hour Speakers for Far Western Sectional Meetings, an hour address was given by Professor(More)
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