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The representation theory of a group G over the field of complex numbers involves two problems: first, the construction of the irreducible representations of G; and second, the problem of expressing each suitably restricted complex valued function on G, as a linear combination (or a limit of linear combinations), of the coefficients of the irreducible(More)
A ring primitive on the right but not on the left, 473, 1000. Berkson, A. J. The u-algebra of a restricted Lie algebra is Frobenius, 14. Bialynicki-Birula, A. On the inverse Problem of Galois theory of differential fields, 960. Bojanic, R. and Musielak, J. An inequality for functions with derivatives in an Orlicz Space, 902. Bouwsma, W. D. Zeros of(More)
1. Introduction. We shall say that an integral domain1 R satisfies condition (M) if any two nonzero elements of R have a nonzero common right multiple. In this note it is proved that if 5 is an extension of a ring R such that S is, roughly speaking, a noncommutative polynomial ring in one variable with R as a coefficient ring, and if R has the property (M),(More)
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