Charles W Collins

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We previously demonstrated that a modified secreted form of fibroblast growth factor 1 (FGF-1), a prototypic member of the FGF family, has the ability to stimulate angiogenesis in an in vivo model of angiogenesis, the so-called chick chorioallantoic membrane assay or CAM. We recently defined the importance of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/AKT pathway in(More)
Economic evaluations of researched HIV-prevention interventions assist service providers in decision making and can help disseminate effective interventions into practice. The study described in this article presents a cost analysis of an intervention that was effective in a research setting. This article also provides threshold analyses that set(More)
Structural interventions have been defined as those prevention interventions that include physical, social, cultural, organizational, community, economic, legal, and policy factors. In an effort to examine the feasibility, evaluability, and sustainability of structural interventions for HIV prevention, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(More)
This thesis represents the first formal presentation of the algorithm for-machine reconstruction from spectral data called-machine spectral reconstruction theory or MSR. As might be expected from a work that introduces a novel approach—let alone one that is written by a student to satisfy the requirements of a degree—there is significant attention given to(More)
This paper joins relational empowerment, youth empowerment, and Bridging Multiple Worlds frameworks to examine forms of relational empowerment for children in two intermediary institutions-school and a youth participatory action research after-school program (yPAR ASP). Participants were twelve children, most of whom were Latina/o and from im/migrant(More)
Community problem solving is believed to help coalitions achieve community changes and subsequent population-level reductions in targeted community health problems. This study empirically examined a community problem solving model used by CADCA, a national coalition training organization, to determine if the model explains how coalitions become effective(More)
Converting greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) to value-added chemicals is an appealing approach to tackle CO2 emission challenges. The chemical transformation of CO2 requires suitable catalysts that can lower the activation energy barrier, thus minimizing the energy penalty associated with the CO2 reduction reaction. First-row transition metals are(More)
To my parents and Amy iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor Professor Lokendra Shastri for his steadfast encouragement and guidance during the long journey towards the completion of this dissertation. I wish to thank my dissertation committee members, Dr. Greg Provan, Dr. Ruzena Bajcsy and Dr. Ruud Bolle of the IBM T.J.(More)
Many African Americans (AAs) use clergy as their primary source of help for depression, with few being referred to mental health providers. This study used face-to-face workshops to train AA clergy to recognize the symptoms and levels of severity of depression. A pretest/posttest format was used to test knowledge (N = 42) about depression symptoms. Results(More)