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High-resolution transmission electron microscopy images of room-temperature fluid xenon in small faceted cavities in aluminum reveal the presence of three well-defined layers within the fluid at each facet. Such interfacial layering of simple liquids has been theoretically predicted, but observational evidence has been ambiguous. Molecular dynamics(More)
This paper summarizes the essential features of the various facilities dedicated to in situ irradiation effects research around the world at the present time, mentions some essential techniques that are involved in this type of research, and describes very briefly some examples of studies employing these facilities and techniques.
The structure and lattice parameters of Xe particles about 1 nm to about 6 nm in size embedded in Al were investigated with off-Bragg condition high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. An Xe particle about 1 nm in size had different structural properties from those 2-6 nm in sizes. Some 1-nm Xe particles had an face-centred cubic (f.c.c.) structure(More)
The remote alignment of segmented mirror active optics with far-field optimization is reported. Farfield optimization eliminates the need for a wave-front sensor or gap sensors since it does not require any near-field measurements, but uses simple measures of the point-spread function as figures of merit. The simplex function minimization algorithm is used(More)
A novel approach for the remote alignment of segmented mirrors is presented. In comparison with conventional methods in which near-field measurements (in the form of displacements between neighboring segments or phase across the mirror) are used in a feedback control system, the far-field optimization method utilizes only attributes of the point-spread(More)
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