Charles W. Adams

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Developers of new and improved forensic tools need to design them with the end result of their use in court in mind. Law enforcement must be able to show that the forensic tools and techniques produce reliable evidence in order for a court to consider it. Reliability is enhanced by demonstration that the forensic tools conform to the general standards(More)
What kind of problem is it that, while best solved numerically, is too small to benefit from the cheaper, faster, more reliable computation performed by a large digital computer? The ONR-sponsored group working with the Whirlwind I computer at the MIT Digital Computer Laboratory believes that a problem too small for a large computer is a very small problem(More)
This paper examines the American federal Wiretap Act and its application to the use of keystroke loggers as forensic tools and by private individuals. The paper concludes that for purposes of the Wiretap Act, a keystroke logger intercepts electronic communications if the keystrokes that the logger records are being transmitted over telephone lines or the(More)
Of the many thousands of businesses in the United States today, it is probable that no two use identical office and accounting procedures. Yet in general it would be safe to say that in any business incoming data are processed, with reference to a file, using established procedures, to yield six broad types of results: 1. Updated file records. 2.(More)
New developments in computer design are reported and trends are analyzed -- first with regard to physical devices with emphasis on fixed and high-speed storage systems; then with regard to logical techniques including various logical organization schemes, stored logic, concurrent autonomous operation, and new approaches to modularity in design.
Three years ago, 877 of us gathered in Philadelphia at the first Joint Computer Conference, a meeting organized by a committee representing three professional societies which were then, as now, active in the design and application of electronic computing devices. These are, of course, the AIEE, the Institute of Radio Engineers, and the Association for(More)