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We report that the light-harvesting and reaction center genes in the rxcA locus of R. capsulata are contained within a single operon and that their differential expression results predominantly from marked segmental differences in stability within the polycistronic rxcA transcript. The 3' portion of this transcript is rapidly degraded to give rise to either(More)
PURPOSE To determine the influence of normal aging on contrast sensitivity for frequency doubling technology (FDT) perimetry. METHODS Contrast sensitivity measures were obtained for frequency-doubled stimuli (0.25 cycles per degree sinusoidal gratings undergoing 25 Hz counterphase flicker) at 17 target locations (4 per quadrant plus the central 5 degrees(More)
Developers of new and improved forensic tools need to design them with the end result of their use in court in mind. Law enforcement must be able to show that the forensic tools and techniques produce reliable evidence in order for a court to consider it. Reliability is enhanced by demonstration that the forensic tools conform to the general standards(More)
The Mandelbaum effect refers to an inadvertent accommodation response to an intervening surface (e.g. a window screen) while attempting to focus a distant object of interest. Previous research has attributed the Mandelbaum effect to a tendency for the accommodation mechanism to preferentially focus the stimulus nearest the dark (resting) focus position. The(More)
This paper examines the American federal Wiretap Act and its application to the use of keystroke loggers as forensic tools and by private individuals. The paper concludes that for purposes of the Wiretap Act, a keystroke logger intercepts electronic communications if the keystrokes that the logger records are being transmitted over telephone lines or the(More)
Epikeratophakia is a rapidly evolving surgical procedure for the refractive correction of aphakia. Even when Snellen acuity after epikeratophakia is normal, patients often report a subjective degradation of the visual image through the surgically corrected eye. To further define visual performance in the patient with optically successful epikeratophakia, we(More)
Quantitative Acoustic Emission (QAE) technology, physical and mathematical models were created for the reliable identification and evaluation of the danger level (the J-integral value) of a developing main crack in a system of interacting micro-cracks. They also enabled the reliable assessment of the remaining lifetime of low density polyethylene (LDPE)(More)
Automated static threshold perimetry was performed in both eyes of 10 normal and 12 ocular hypertensive subjects treated with a topical beta-blocker, before and after Goldmann applanation tonometry of their right eyes. Both objective statistical comparison and subjective evaluation of the resultant visual fields showed no detrimental effect on visual field(More)
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