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Keywords: Reverse logistics Radio frequency identification (RFID) Fuzzy cognitive maps Genetic algorithm a b s t r a c t Environmental awareness, green directives, liberal return policies, and recycling of materials are globally accepted by industry and the general public as an integral part of the product life cycle. Reverse logistics reflects the(More)
This correspondence presents a novel hierarchical clustering approach for knowledge document self-organization, particularly for patent analysis. Current keyword-based methodologies for document content management tend to be inconsistent and ineffective when partial meanings of the technical content are used for cluster analysis. Thus, a new methodology to(More)
Given a fast changing electronics goods marketplace, designers of integrated circuits and components need to be more competitive, efficient, flexible, and use collaborative workflow to reduce time-to-market and a project's life cycle. In recent years, agent-based work-flow management systems (WfMS) have been widely used to monitor and control business(More)
Conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions have become the common responsibility of the international community. During the year 2010, the Taiwan government planned a four-year project budgeted at 300 million US dollars, called ''The Penghu Low Carbon Island Development Project.'' The policy objective is to use Penghu Island (population 85,000) as a(More)
The medical equipment industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the decade with predicted global sales reaching US$ 430 billion in 2017 [22]. During the period from 1995 to 2008, the patent applications in medical technology increased rapidly worldwide (World Intellectual Property Organization, 2012). Patent analysis, although useful in(More)
Enterprises evaluate intellectual property rights and the quality of patent documents in order to develop innovative products and discover state-of-the-art technology trends. The product technologies covered by patent claims are protected by law, and the quality of the patent insures against infringement by competitors while increasing the worth of the(More)
In order to process large numbers of explicit knowledge documents such as patents in an organized manner, automatic document categorization and search are required. In this paper, we develop a document classification and search methodology based on neural network technology that helps companies manage patent documents more effectively. The classification(More)