Charles Tumwesigye

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Within protected areas, biodiversity loss is often a consequence of illegal resource use. Understanding the patterns and extent of illegal activities is therefore essential for effective law enforcement and prevention of biodiversity declines. We used extensive data, commonly collected by ranger patrols in many protected areas, and Bayesian hierarchical(More)
While overall numbers of African elephant have declined dramatically in recent times, some populations are now confined to protected areas and are locally overabundant—an undesirable situation for both biodiversity conservation and elephants. In forested protected areas, options to manage elephants are limited because it is difficult to safely approach(More) 0378-1127/ 2016 Published by Elsevier B.V. Abbreviations: UWA-FACE, Uganda Wildlife Authority and FACE (Forest absorbing carbon emissions) the future foundation forest rehabilitation project; KNP, Kibale National Park; AGB, Above Ground Biomass; DBH, diameter at breast height; NMDS, non-metric multi-dimensional(More)
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