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delivered the annual Albert O. Hirschman Prize Lecture at a ceremony in New York City hosted by the Social Science Research Council. The Hirschman Prize is awarded annually by the SSRC to scholars who have made outstanding contributions to international, interdisciplinary social science research, theory, and public communication. As I have been refl ecting(More)
An extended Meta-Analysis fertilizes a Meta-Learning, which is applied to support the user with an automated guidance in model selection and data-transformation. Two major application elds were selected in METAL(Meta-Learning assistant, ESPRIT project 26.357): classiication and regression learning. In phase 1 of the project, the data characteristics,(More)
Openness and scalability, modularity and trust, transparency and security; these are some keywords emerging from contemporary debates about the structure and future of the Internet among engineers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals intimately involved with the programming and design of technical infrastructures. Such terms of debate may not be familiar(More)
This paper develops the concept of usefulness in the context of supervised learning. We argue that usefulness can be used to improve the performance of classification rules (as measured by error rate), as well to reduce their storage (or their derivation). We also indicate how usefulness can be applied in a dynamic setting, in which the distribution of at(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes often find it difficult to control their blood glucose level on a daily basis because of distance or physical incapacity. With the increase in Internet-enabled smartphone use, this problem can be resolved by adopting a mobile diabetes monitoring system. Most existing studies have focused on patients'(More)
3. Musculoskeletal systems and Performance-Joint ISB/ESB Track Track Coordinators Mark Grabiner Günther Rau Georg Duda Session Organizers Marco Viceconti Georg Duda John O’Connor Thomas P. Andriacchi Fabio Catani Franz van der Helm C. Disselhorst-Klug James Ashton Miller Mark Grabiner Jaap van Dieën Hermi Hermens Tom Oxland V. J.Goel Dieter Rosenbaum Fabio(More)