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This paper examines the effect of geographic and industrial diversification on firm value for a sample of over 20,000 firm-year observations of U.S. corporations from 1987-1993. We find the value of a firm with international operations is 2.2% higher than a comparable single-activity domestic firm, while the value of a multiactivity firm is 5.4% lower than(More)
Taking advantage of the cluster effect observed in multivalent peptides, this work describes antifungal activity and possible mechanism of action of tetravalent peptide (B4010) which carries 4 copies of the sequence RGRKVVRR through a branched lysine core. B4010 displayed better antifungal properties than natamycin and amphotericin B. The peptide retained(More)
  • Group, Aubrey Converse, +21 authors Xin Xu
  • 2016
Course Objective: The goal of this course is for students to improve scientific presentation skills. Course Structure: Hallmarks of an effective scientific presentation will be discussed during the first two class periods. Over the course of the semester, each student will develop a presentation and abstract based on his or her research. This talk will(More)
The rise of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks has posed a dire threat to cloud computing services in recent years. First, it is getting increasingly difficult to discriminate legitimate traffic from malicious traffic since both are legal at the application-protocol level. Second, DDoS attacks have tremendous impacts on virtual machine performance(More)
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