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  • 2001
OBJECTIVE To determine the safety and efficacy of submucosal radiofrequency uvulopalatoplasty. This procedure uses fixed, predetermined parameters of application without the concomitant monitoring of tissue impedance and temperature in the submucosal radiofrequency induced ablation and volumetric reduction of the soft palate as a treatment of chronic(More)
Standard analyses of omniscience are advanced in terms of a being's knowing the truth value of propositions. For example, Kenny writes that 'The doctrine of omni-science is easy to formulate precisely: it is the doctrine that for all p, then God knows that p.1 Richard Swinburne proposes that 'To say of a person P that he is omniscient at time t is to say(More)
Ronald Dworkin and Philip Kitcher recognize that traditional, religious faith—especially in Christian theistic tradition—has virtues that seem to be missing in a secular worldview. To remedy this apparent deficit, they both propose that a secular worldview can provide a satisfying foundation for a flourishing, meaningful life. Moreover, Kitcher argues that(More)
The primary purpose of this research was to emphasize the importance of business ethics in the hospitality industry due to the lack of awareness of this by both educators and industry personnel in the past. Damitio and Schmidgall (1993) state that business ethics has become a popular topic in both the academic arena and the business setting within the(More)
ARTICLES Creativity Naturalized Maria E. Kronfeldner 577 The War Convention and the Moral Division of Labour Yitzhak Benbaji 593 Without Consent: Principles of Justified Acquisition and Duty-Imposing Powers Hugh Breakey 618 Mathematical Explanation and Chris Daly and Indispensability Arguments Simon Langford 641 The Feasibility of Basic Socioeconomic Human(More)
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