Charles Taillens

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The aim of this study was to quantify microbiologically the operator protection factor (OPF) and measure the extent of cross-contamination provided by a new Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) containment level 4 cabinet line system (glove box line). To accomplish this goal, the cabinet line was filled with microbial tracer aerosol, and(More)
The prevention of graft occlusion by aspirin (100 mg/day) or heparin followed by phenprocoumon was investigated in a randomized trial in 235 patients after aortocoronary bypass operation. Aspirin treatment started 24 hours before, and heparin 6 hours and phenprocoumon 2 days after surgery. The results of the vein graft angiography and the clinical outcome 3(More)
The disposal of microbiologically contaminated or potentially contaminated liquid waste is an important consideration for research facilities and other installations. Traditional methods include batch steam sterilization and chemical, thermo-chemical, or thermal disinfection kill-tanks. This report describes a new continuous effluent decontamination system(More)