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A graphic data organization was designed that allows for fast access to an arbitrarily large data base. The graphic data is organized by clustering into successively larger spheres. The derived tree structure provides for multilevel descriptions of objects that allow for display of only the amount of detail that can be resolved on the display, in addition(More)
Gesture Recognition, which is efficient, direct and nature, has become one of the key techniques of human-compute interaction. Meanwhile, the high degree of freedom of hand results in the complexity of gesture, diversity of variation and rapidity of movement, which makes gesture recognition full of challenges. The author mainly focuses on the Histogram of(More)
Clinical signs and the determination of thyroid autoantibodies are usually used for the classification of hyperthyroidism. We examined the usefulness of two ELISA for the determination of membrane and thyroglobulin autoantibodies. 117 patients with Graves' disease, 53 patients with toxic goitre and 47 patients with unclear hyperthyroidism were inspected.(More)
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