Charles T. Miller

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Kinesin-like calmodulin-binding protein (KCBP) is a novel member of the kinesin superfamily that is involved in cell division and trichome morphogenesis. KCBP is unique among all known kinesins in having a myosin tail homology-4 region in the N-terminal tail and a calmodulin-binding region following the motor domain. Calcium, through calmodulin, has been(More)
Cdc7p-Dbf4p is a conserved protein kinase required for the initiation of DNA replication. The Dbf4p regulatory subunit binds Cdc7p and is essential for Cdc7p kinase activation, however, the N-terminal third of Dbf4p is dispensable for its essential replication activities. Here, we define a short N-terminal Dbf4p region that targets Cdc7p-Dbf4p kinase to(More)
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