Charles Tétreau

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Biophysical techniques developed during the last three decades have provided an increasingly detailed description of the internal processes associated with ligand capture and release by haem proteins. Myoglobin has long been the paradigm for these studies. More recently, cytochrome P450cam (the camphor-metabolizing cytochrome P450 from Pseudomonas putida)(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Alterations of the neuromuscular control of the lumbar spine have been reported in patients with chronic low back pain (LBP). During trunk flexion and extension tasks, the reduced myoelectric activity of the low back extensor musculature observed during full trunk flexion is typically absent in patients with chronic LBP. PURPOSE To(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to investigate the alteration of pain-induced neuromuscular trunk responses by expectations in healthy volunteers. METHODS Twenty-three asymptomatic participants performed series of flexion-extension movements in 3 different experimental conditions: innocuous heat stimulation (control) and noxious heat stimulation(More)
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