Charles Sullivan

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Privacy is a concept in disarray. Nobody can articulate what it means. As one commentator has observed, privacy suffers from " an embarrassment of meanings. " Privacy is far too vague a concept to guide adjudication and † Associate Professor, George Washington University Law School; J.D. Yale. A project such as this—one that attempts a taxonomy of the(More)
The patent system focuses on the actions of two players: the patentee and its competitor. It assumes that the competitor will represent the interests of the end user. But increasingly, end users are becoming significant players in the patent system, their interests sometimes diverging from those of competitors. Attention has recently turned to Patent(More)
Reducing the timing uncertainty associated with clock edges has become an exceedingly difficult problem as clock frequencies in high-performance processors increase past several gigahertz. Absolute quantities of skew and jitter that were insignificant at lower frequencies now consume an increasingly large percentage of each clock cycle and directly reduce(More)
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