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The fenestration of the vertebral and basilar arteries was investigated macroscopically in 370 human cases. Altogether 43 fenestrations were found in 32 (8.6%) out of 370 cases. The fenestrations could be divided in three groups according to the position where the fenestration appeared. Group I was the fenestration observed along the vertebral artery (Fig.(More)
INTRODUCTION The objectives were to assess the diagnostic value of hysterosalpingography (HSG) with laparoscopy as gold standard in the evaluation of tubal patency and pelvic adhesions in women suffering from infertility. METHODS We conducted a comparative cross sectional study on 208 medical files of infertile women followed up at the Yaoundé General(More)
This report describes an anomalous case of the multiple ipsilateral common trunk formation in the parietal arteries encountered during observed in the dissection of a 71 year-old Japanese female cadaver in the anatomical laboratory of Kanazawa Medical University. This subject had thirteen parietal arteries. Among the thirteen parietal arteries two arose(More)
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