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Most new ideas in software developments are really new variations on old ideas. This article describes one of these, the growing idea of a class of tools that I call Language Workbenches-examples of which include Intentional Software, JetBrains's Meta Programming System, and Microsoft's Software Factories. These tools take an old style of development-which(More)
" AOP, The Fun has Just Begun ". I am a big fan of AOP. It has working and useful examples, and it brings into focus a key fault of traditional languages and OOP in particular, namely that modularity or refinement by itself can provide for a proper separation of concerns. It can not. Gregor describes the false hope of the traditionalists this way: " Many(More)
He believes the best approach in the public square is to focus on intelligent design, especially in the biochemical realm as so marvellously presented in Michael Behe's book, Darwin's Black Box. In this way we create a wedge, widening the crack in the Darwinian log. Once the wedge is driven, his hope is that the debate will begin. One of Johnson's hopes for(More)
major challenge in teaching introductory computer science to a large, diverse audience is the wide variation in background and ability that exists in the undergraduate population, which makes it hard to find the appropriate level of instruction. Pitching the course too high makes it difficult for slower students to keep up, which is disastrous in a course(More)