Charles Silver

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We present VLBA observations at 0.33 and 0.61 GHz, and VLA observations between 5 and 22 GHz, of subkiloparsec scale radio emission from Mrk 231. In addition to jet components clearly associated with the AGN, we also find a smooth extended component of size 100 − 1000 pc most probably related to the purported massive star forming disk in Mrk 231. The(More)
Will tort reform capping contingency fees limit plaintiffs' ability to recover for their injuries? If self-representation is a viable option, contingency fees may have less of an impact on access than one might otherwise expect. Conversely, if tort recoveries flow only or mostly to plaintiffs who either actually hire lawyers or can credibly threaten to do(More)
Rare cell subtypes can profoundly impact the course of human health and disease, yet their presence within a sample is often missed with bulk molecular analysis. Single-cell analysis tools such as FACS, FISH-FC and single-cell barcode-based sequencing can investigate cellular heterogeneity; however, they have significant limitations that impede their(More)
Little is known about the economics of plaintiff-side law firms, which typically work on a contingency fee basis. We begin here to fill that gap. We report on the fees received by 124 plaintiff-side personal injury firms located in four states (Illinois, Texas, and two additional undisclosed states), and estimate the impact of various statutory fee caps on(More)
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