Charles Shanor

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The study and application of optical vortices have gained significant prominence over the last two decades. An interesting challenge remains the determination of the azimuthal index (topological charge) ℓ of an optical vortex beam for a range of applications. We explore the diffraction of such beams from a triangular aperture and observe that the form of(More)
Numerical simulations are employed to elucidate the physics underlying the enhanced femtosecond supercontinuum generation previously observed during optical filamentation in noble gases and in the presence of a weak seed pulse. Simulations based on the metastable electronic state approach are shown not only to capture the qualitative features of the(More)
Strong-field ionization in optical filaments created by ultrashort pulses with sub-cycle engineered waveforms is studied theoretically. To elucidate the physics of the recently demonstrated enhanced ionization yield and spatial control of the optical filament core in two color pulses, we employ two types of quantum models integrated into spatially resolved(More)
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