Charles Schneider

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The seed coat is involved in the determination of seed quality traits such as seed size, seed composition, seed permeability, and hormonal regulation. Understanding seed coat structure is therefore a prerequisite to deciphering the genetic mechanisms that govern seed coat functions. By combining histological and transcriptomic data analyses, cellular and(More)
Grain legumes play a worldwide role as a source of plant proteins for feed and food. In the model legume Medicago truncatula, the organisation of protein storage vacuoles (PSV) in maturing seeds remains unknown. The sub-cellular events accompanying the accumulation of vicilin (globulin7S) were analysed during seed mid-maturation. Immuno-detection of vicilin(More)
A strong emphasis on safety while operating vehicles, planes, and heavy machinery is essential. The operators, company, and public have a great interest in safety due to the concerns of public relations and customer well-being. This project details an aviation navigation feedback device (or “smart” ear seal coined “SmartSealz”)(More)
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