Charles S Sell

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The relationship between molecular structure and odor has fascinated and puzzled chemists for more than a century. Despite a great deal of research on structure-odor relationships, prediction of the odor of a novel molecule remains a statistical exercise and models only provide a probability of the character, threshold, and intensity. Surprises are still(More)
In 1896, Tiemann first raised the question of whether or not enantiomers might exhibit different odors. The classic work of von Braun should have settled the issue in 1927 but the debate continued for decades, often rather acrimoniously. Various factors such as purity of samples and subjectivity of odors provided the confusion necessary to perpetuate(More)
Receptor-ligand interaction models are generally based on a 'lock and key' concept. How far this holds true for olfactory receptors and odor molecules is currently uncertain. Here, we have investigated the response of a human olfactory receptor, OR1D2, to a broad array of odorants and found that there is no simple, direct correlation between a molecule's(More)
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