Charles S. Levings

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We have characterized a 3547 bp DNA fragment from male-sterile (cms-T) maize mitochondria, designated TURF 2H3, selected because of its unique and abundant transcripts. Sequence analysis indicated that TURF 2H3 originated by recombinations among portions of the flanking and/or coding regions of the maize mitochondrial 26S ribosomal gene, the ATPase subunit(More)
The Texas male-sterile cytoplasm (cms-T) of maize carries the cytoplasmically inherited trait of male sterility. Mitochondria isolated from cms-T maize are specifically sensitive to a toxin (BmT-toxin) produced by the fungal pathogen Bipolaris maydis, race T, and the carbamate insecticide methomyl. A mitochondrial gene unique to cms-T maize, which produces(More)
The ATPase subunit 6, located in the inner mitochondrial membrane, is encoded by mitochondrial genomes in animals and fungi. We have isolated and characterized a mitochondrial gene, designated atp 6, that encodes the subunit 6 polypeptide of Zea mays. Nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequence comparisons have revealed a homology of 44.6 and 33.2% with(More)
Mitochondrial DNA in the T male-sterile cytoplasm (cms-T) of maize contains an open reading frame (ORF 13) associated with the T type of sterility. Antibodies raised to a chemically synthesized oligopeptide corresponding to ORF 13 were used to establish the expression of a 13-kDa protein from this reading frame. The 13-kDa polypeptide is synthesized(More)
The Texas cytoplasm of maize carries two cytoplasmically inherited traits, male sterility and disease susceptibility, which have been of great interest both for basic research and plant breeding. The two traits are inseparable and are associated with an unusual mitochondrial gene, T-urf13, which encodes a 13-kilodalton polypeptide (URF13). An interaction(More)
A transcribed segment of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from Nicotiana tabacum contains the F0-ATPase subunit 9 gene, an open reading frame with homology to the E. coli small subunit ribosomal protein S13 and an open reading frame with homology to a portion of the mammalian “URF 1” protein, recently shown to be a component of the NADH:ubiquinone reductase(More)
The mitochondrial Rieske iron-sulfur protein is an obligatory component of the respiratory electron transport chain that is encoded by a single-copy gene in mammals and fungi. In contrast, this protein is encoded by a small gene family in dicotyledonous tobacco and monocotyledonous maize. We cloned four cDNAs from tobacco that encode the mitochondrial(More)
We have previously identified two large open reading frames, designated ORF13 and ORF25, in the Texas male-sterile cytoplasm (cms-T) of maize mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). ORF13 is a single copy gene of chimeric origin that is uniquely transcribed and translated in the mitochondria of cms-T maize, where it produces a polypeptide of approximately 13,000 Mr. The(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the gene coding for the 18S ribosomal RNA of maize mitochondria has been determined and a model for the secondary structure is proposed. Dot matrix analysis has been used to compare the extent and distribution of sequence similarities of the entire maize mitochondrial 18S rRNA sequence with that of 15 other small subunit rRNA(More)
Mitochondrial DNAs from Nicotiana tabacum, an amphiploid, and its putative progenitor species, N. sylvestris and N. tomentosiformis were compared in structure and organization. By using DNA transfer techniques and cloned fragments of known genes from maize and N. sylvestris as labeled probes, the positions of homologous sequences in restriction digests of(More)