Charles S L'Hommedieu

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The clinical evaluation of nine patients with severe infant botulism revealed an identifiable progression of signs due to blockade of the cholinergic synapse similar to that described for competitive blocking agents. This predictable sequence reflects different "margins of safety" for muscles involved in repetitive activities, diaphragmatic function and(More)
A retrospective study of ten patients with infant botulism who received gentamicin or kanamycin suggests that aminoglycoside antibiotics potentiate muscular weakness and precipitate respiratory failure as late as 27 days after onset of the disease. Although it is difficult to separate progression of the disease from the effects of antibiotics, the rapidity(More)
We treated two pediatric patients suffering respiratory failure associated with status asthmaticus. Neither patient responded to maximal bronchodilatory therapy and mechanical ventilation; however, continuous infusion of ketamine (1.0 to 2.5 mg/kg X h) immediately improved airway obstruction. Ketamine appears to increase catecholamine levels and directly(More)
To investigate the effects on the newborn infant of maternal magnesium therapy for treatment of pre-eclampsia, we studied 36 hypermagnesemic infants born to pre-eclamptic mothers treated with MgSO4, 18 neonates born to untreated pre-eclamptic mothers, and 25 infants born to normal mothers. Impairment of neuromuscular transmission, as well as neurobehavioral(More)
We describe five patients with status asthmaticus whose respiratory acidosis persisted despite conventional treatment. Four were intubated with ketamine and succinylcholine and mechanically ventilated with immediate improvement of respiratory acidosis. One patient had been intubated previously with diazepam and succinylocholine and had a rise in pCO2 to 97.(More)
Assessment was made of whether a cold-room environment prior to surgical draping affected patient temperature or the incidence of shivering in the recovery room in patients undergoing major vascular surgery when warming blankets and warmed fluids were used to maintain intraoperative temperature. Forty-two patients scheduled to undergo major vascular surgery(More)
A term neonate with hypermagnesemia secondary to maternal administration of MgSO4 for pre-eclampsia had a respiratory arrest after receiving gentamicin im. The neuromuscular tracings and sequential physician exams done before and after administering gentamicin suggest aminoglycosides may potentiate a magnesium-induced impairment of neuromuscular(More)