Charles S. Duris

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Two For t r an subrout ines, D C S I N T and DCSSMO, are presented here for discrete cubic spline in terpolat ion and smoothing. T h e theory for discrete cubic spline interpolat ion is given by Lyche in [5, 6]. T h e theory for discrete natura l cubic spline smooth ing is given by the au thor in [2]. For mos t appl icat ions cont inuous splines (see [3, 4,(More)
The construction of product-type Newton-Cotes quadrature rules using a generating function approach is described. An explanation of the (q, r) copy or compounding of product-type interpolatory quadrature rules is given. An error bound is presented for the (q, r) copy of product-type Newton-Cotes rules, and this bound is compared with the actual error in a(More)
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