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Abdominal pain is a major reason patients seek medical attention yet relatively little is known about neuronal pathways relaying visceral pain. We have previously characterized pathways transmitting information to the brain about visceral pain. Visceral pain arises from second order neurons in lamina X surrounding the spinal cord central canal. Some of the(More)
  • Karen L Syrjala, Janet R Abrams, Nayak L Polissar, Jennifer Hansberry, Jeanne Robison, Stuart DuPen +10 others
  • 2008
Standard guidelines for cancer pain treatment routinely recommend training patients to reduce barriers to pain relief, use medications appropriately, and communicate their pain-related needs. Methods are needed to reduce professional time required while achieving sustained intervention effectiveness. In a multisite, randomized controlled trial, this study(More)
BACKGROUND The symptom burden associated with multiple myeloma (MM) is often severe. Presently, no instrument comprehensively assesses disease-related and treatment-related symptoms in patients with MM. We sought to validate a module of the M. D. Anderson Symptom Inventory (MDASI) developed specifically for patients with MM (MDASI-MM). METHODS The(More)
Recent guidelines developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the use of patient-reported outcomes discuss the rating of pain and other symptoms at their current level of severity versus rating these symptoms using a recall period, such as the past 24 hours or past week. To explore whether the overall experience of cancer patients is better(More)
Despite significant gains in our understanding of cancer biology, this progress has not matched what we know about the biology underlying the symptoms and toxic effects that therapies produce. These adverse symptoms can cause substantial discomfort, functional loss and distress to patients; they limit treatment tolerability, and can persist indefinitely in(More)
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