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Origin of Species' is unquestionably one of the most culturally transformative achievements in human intellectual history. This annotated abridgement is intended to make Darwin's ideas more accessible to a broader audience and to provide historical context and connections to current evolutionary thinking. This work may be freely copied and distributed but(More)
'But with regard to the material world, we can at least go so far as this-we can perceive that events are brought about not by insulated interpositions of Divine power, exerted in each particular case, but by the establishment of general laws.' W. Whewell: Bridgewater Treatise.
The subject of " voluntary animal motion " interested physicians, scholars, and philosophers throughout history for a variety of purposes such as relating " voluntary motion " to the soul and understanding medical conditions through comparative anatomy. The research presented in this monograph includes not only a careful examination of different theories(More)
ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The author is particularly indebted to Susana Cardenas who, in addition to providing general guidance and logistical support, oversaw the distribution and collection of surveys and data entry. Johanna Castañeda assisted in distributing surveys to tourists waiting to depart the airport on Baltra and data entry. Liz Llerena assisted in data(More)
This report is part of a series of research studies into alternative energy and resource pathways for the global economy. In addition to disseminating original research findings, these studies are intended to contribute to policy dialog and public awareness about environment-economy linkages and sustainable growth. All opinions expressed here are those of(More)
Lindner, Calvin Murakami and David Brown for their invaluable assistance during the field work and independent surveys. We thank all the observers from NT Fisheries and FRDC sustainability project observer programmes including Richard Pillans, Finally, we thank the skippers and crews of all the fishing vessels that agreed to have the observers on board and(More)
Catch the latest news on releases and events Access links to related sites NCVER The views and opinions expressed in this document are those of the author/project team and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government or NCVER Science and Training. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part of this publication may(More)
Virtual communities have shown to be rich sources of knowledge if community members are sharing what they know. A look at virtual communities related to traveling in Australia suggests that often members are more than happy to share what they know about certain locations. In this paper, we outline, from a Location-oriented Knowledge Management (LoKM)(More)