Charles Rice

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c omputer technology has had a profound effect on our society and world. Every citizen needs some familiarity with this technology and its consequences in the home, school, workplace and community. Because the details of the technology change from day to day, keeping up with those details is difficult and often unproductive. Therefore, the study of the(More)
  • Gia-Ming Hong, Hong, Gia-Ming, Lisa Bain, William Baldwin, Susan Chapman +6 others
  • 2016
Arsenic is a toxicant commonly found in water systems around the world. Evidence from epidemiological studies indicates that chronic arsenic exposure can result in cancer, central nervous system and sensory deficits, effects on development, and neuromuscular deficits. However, the molecular mechanism of arsenic's toxicity remains largely unclear. In this(More)
  • Christopher Mccoy, Christopher Reed Mccoy, Lisa Bain, Charles Rice, David Feliciano
  • 2016
Epidemiological studies have shown that arsenic exposure during early embryogenesis can cause reduced weight gain and neurological deficits later on in life. In addition, in vitro and in vivo studies have indicated that arsenic suppresses neurogenesis and myogenesis. The exact mechanism of how arsenic causes these undesired developmental outcomes is poorly(More)
  • Jui Tung Liu, Jui-Tung Liu, Lisa Bain, William Baldwin, Wen Chen, Charles Rice +6 others
  • 2016
Arsenic is a naturally-occurring toxicant that exists in bedrock and can be leached into ground water. Humans can be exposed to arsenic via contaminated drinking water, fruit, rice or crops. Epidemiological studies have shown that arsenic is a developmental toxicant, and in utero exposure reduces IQ scores, verbal learning ability, decreases long term(More)
A task force of the Pre-College Committee of the Education Board of the ACM has been working on a proposal for a high school course in computer science since 1989. Three drafts have been distributed to reviewem throughout the country and the world. The task force identified seven areas to be included in such a course. The seven areas are: A list of topics(More)
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