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The mechanisms of policy diffusion
Local policy adoptions provide an excellent opportunity to test among potential mechanisms of policy diffusion. By examining three types of antismoking policy choices by the 675 largest U.S. citiesExpand
Bottom-Up Federalism: The Diffusion of Antismoking Policies from U.S. Cities to States
Studies of policy diffusion often focus on the horizontal spread of enactments from one state to another, paying little or no attention to the effects of local laws on state-level adoptions. ForExpand
Policy Diffusion: Seven Lessons for Scholars and Practitioners
The scholarship on policy diffusion in political science and public administration is extensive. This article provides an introduction to that literature for scholars, students, and practitioners. ItExpand
The Diffusion of Policy Diffusion Research in Political Science
Over the past fifty years, top political science journals have published hundreds of articles about policy diffusion. This article reports on network analyses of how the ideas and approaches in theseExpand
The Politics of Supreme Court Nominations: A Theory of Institutional Constraints and Choices
When a vacancy occurs on the Supreme Court, the president can attempt to use his power of nomination strategically in order to bring the Court in line with his own policy preferences. However, theExpand
Delaying Justice(s): A Duration Analysis of Supreme Court Confirmations
Presidents traditionally have had great success when nominating justices to the Supreme Court, with confirmation being the norm and rejection being the rare exception. While the confirmation processExpand
Environmental Policy and Party Divergence in Congress
The question of whether parties converge or diverge over time has attracted a great deal of theoretical and empirical attention. In this article we make two contributions to this literature. First,Expand
Congressional Influence on Bureaucracy
The purpose of this article is to investigate congressional influence on bureaucracy in a constitutional system in which powers are separated and shared among several branches of government.Expand
Change, Continuity, and the Evolution of the Law
Congress regularly passes significant laws. Some of these laws continue in their initial form, with the original bargain struck by the enacting coalition untouched by any future laws; others areExpand
The Diffusion of Policy Diffusion Research
Within the past decade, more than four hundred articles on policy diffusion have been published in political science journals. These articles have been spread fairly evenly across the subfields ofExpand