Charles R Zerweck

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Fifteen male C57BL/6J mice, exposed to an enriched environment from age 600 to 750 days, were compared with 15 matched controls on 4 learning problems and an activity test. The enriched mice were significantly superior on an incidental learning and a food-seeking task, but did not differ significantly from controls on a brightness discrimination task, the(More)
BACKGROUND Dry skin in the winter has been reported to involve scaling, defects in water holding and barrier functions, and decreased ceramide (CER) levels in the stratum corneum (SC). We previously reported that a Eucalyptus extract promotes CER synthesis in cultured keratinocytes and accelerates the recovery of hydration in a barrier-disrupted model of(More)
Cytophotometric analyses of RNA and acetylcholinesterase responses of caudate and cerebrocortical neurons of soman toxicated rats were conducted to characterize impairments in regulatory aspects of neuronal metabolism occurring in the acute phase of cholinesterase impairment. There was a severe and dose-dependent suppression (20-60%) in neuronal(More)
The presence of irritants from feces and urine with the concurrent mechanical friction and occlusion creates an environment in the diapered area that renders the skin prone to diaper dermatitis. Besides being a source of discomfort to the infant, these skin irritations pose a risk of secondary infections. In this study, we used noninvasive in vivo(More)
A procedure entailing the use of the Feulgen reaction is described for precise quantification of nuclear DNA levels in smooth muscle cells (SMC) of paraffin-processed microtome sections of the rabbit aorta. It was established that maximal, stable, and reproducible Feulgen-DNA (F-DNA) staining of SMC nuclei is achieved using 3.5 N HCl hydrolysis of 30-50 min(More)
BACKGROUND A variety of instruments are available that can objectively assess physical parameters of the skin such as strength, firmness, elasticity, hydration, and color, often undetected by clinical assessment. OBJECTIVE To assess the physical properties of healed acute and chronic wounds using several noninvasive instruments. METHODS Four patients(More)
An open-label, single-center, observer-blinded, controlled trial was conducted during the winter months to evaluate the moisturizing and antipruritic effects of a unique formulation of lactic acid 12% neutralized with ammonium hydroxide and pramoxine hydrochloride (HCl) 1% in 24 women with a history of dry itchy skin. Baseline assessments for appearance of(More)
Exaggerated test conditions were frequently used to investigate the cutaneous tolerance of detergent products in the past. As the sensitivity of newly designed biometric methods is steadily improving, the trend towards more realistic test conditions should be encouraged. A hand immersion test under laboratory-controlled usage conditions is presently(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Excessive skin hydration from occlusive coverings such as absorbent articles, bandages, etc. has been known to compromise the skin's barrier properties. Damage to the stratum corneum occurs from prolonged exposure to wetness and limited product breathability, which reduces evaporation. Protection from wetness may be imparted by barrier(More)