Charles R. Ward

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Despite recent technological advances, the promise of the virtual classroom with anywhere, anytime access and rich data sharing remains largely unfulfilled. To address this need, Project Numina researchers are developing a mobile learning environment that fosters collaboration among students and between students and instructors.
Caring for the cardiac surgery patient includes intervening with the patient's family members. It is important for the nurse to acquire the knowledge base to implement appropriate interventions with family members. An intervention program was designed to meet the needs of family members of cardiac surgery patients based on a compilation of previous research(More)
COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM May 2001/Vol. 44, No. 5 79 iLumina is starting with resources from its partner institutions. These include materials from the Computer Science Teaching Center (CSTC;, and the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee’s Digital Library (SECDL;, as well as new digital teaching materials from UNCW.(More)
We estimated the ecological and economic impact of urban turfgrass production in a large city. A satellite image was used to evaluate the turfgrass area of Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. Turfgrass, the major vegetation component of the city, covers 7,650 ha and represents approximately 30.0% of the metropolitan area. Of the total grass area, 85.0% exists(More)
T he United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, established in 2000, include the following: “Make available the benefits of new technologies—especially information and communications technologies.” A majority of technology’s benefits have been concentrated in industrialized nations and therefore limited to a fraction of the world’s population. The(More)
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