Charles R. Ward

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Despite recent technological advances, the promise of the virtual classroom with anywhere, anytime access and rich data sharing remains largely unfulfilled. To address this need, Project Numina researchers are developing a mobile learning environment that fosters collaboration among students and between students and instructors.
The World-Wide Web, an information service on the Internet, uses hypertext links to other textual documents or files. Users can click on a highlighted word or words in the text to provide additional information about the selected word(s). Users can also access graphic pictures, images, audio clips, or even full-motion video through hypermedia, an extension(More)
Dozens of reports over the last 35 years have documented the decline in the number of students pursuing science and mathematics degrees. For instance, from 1995 to 2000, the number of bachelor's degrees awarded in the physical sciences never exceeded 1.7%, while in mathematics that number never rose above 1% (Morgan 1998; Knapp 2001). Therefore, the ability(More)
Caring for the cardiac surgery patient includes intervening with the patient's family members. It is important for the nurse to acquire the knowledge base to implement appropriate interventions with family members. An intervention program was designed to meet the needs of family members of cardiac surgery patients based on a compilation of previous research(More)
Digital Library of Reusable Teaching Resources iLumina is a digital library of undergraduate teaching materials for science, mathematics, engi-Tech. 1 Our experience suggests that faculty across the country have created a wealth of digital resources for teaching and are willing to share them. However, they lack a repository where they can submit their(More)
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