Charles R O'Melia

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Experiments are presented that test the hypothesis of deposition into and reentrainment from secondary minima during flow through porous media. The release of deposited particles following a decrease in ionic strength is inconsistent with deposition in the primary minimum of either simple DLVO interaction energy curves (which suggest that deposition is(More)
Grafting oxygen-containing functional groups onto carbon nanotubes (CNTs) by acid treatment improves their dispersion in aqueous solutions, but there is a lack of quantitative information on the colloidal properties of oxidized CNTs. We have studied the influence that pH and electrolytes have in determining the colloidal stability of oxidized multiwalled(More)
The role of humic acid in the transport of negatively charged colloids through porous media was examined. Adsorption of humic acid on latex colloids and silica collectors reduced the deposition of suspended particles and enhanced the reentrainment of deposited particles in porous media. These effects are considered to arise from additional electrostatic and(More)
Microbial monitoring was conducted over a period of more than 1 year at three full-scale riverbank filtration (RBF) facilities, located in the United States along the Ohio, Missouri, and Wabash Rivers. Results of this study demonstrated the potential for RBF to provide substantial reductions in microorganism concentrations relative to the raw water sources.(More)
The roles of particles and natural organic matter (NOM) in determining coagulant (alum) doses in potable water treatment were investigated at two pH conditions (6 and 7). The concentrations of NOM and colloidal silica particles in raw water were systematically varied separately and in combination, and the impacts of these two classes of contaminants on the(More)
Laboratory dual media filtration experiments were conducted (a) in direct filtration mode using model raw water moderate in turbidity and low in DOC, and (b) in conventional filtration mode treating water moderate in turbidity and high in DOC. Model simulations of filter performance for the removal of particles provided hypotheses for the experimental(More)
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P aul L. Busch, Ph.D., P.E., DEE, chairman, president, and CEO of Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., died on July 27 of complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He was 61. His contributions to environmental engineering and to our environment span a broad spectrum, including engineering practice, professionalism, and education. Regarding practice, he specialized in the(More)
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