Charles R. Nelson

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We report the design, fabrication, and validation of a microarray covering the majority of the Schistosoma japonicum and Schistosoma mansoni transcriptomes. The oligonucleotide microarray contains 12,166 S. mansoni and 7055 S. japonicum target sequences. A confidence threshold of <or=0.001 (P value) was used in all analyses. The cross hybridization(More)
Pairs of letters and numbers were shown to 11-, l4-, and l9-year-olds. One stimulus in a pair was presented upright. The second, which was either identical to the first or a mirror image of it, was rotated 0 to 150” from the vertical. Individuals judged if the stimuli in a pair would be identical or mirror images if presented at the same orientation. They(More)
We propose the use of likelihood-ratio-based confidence sets for the timing of structural breaks in parameters from time series regression models. The confidence sets are valid for the broad setting of a system of multivariate linear regression equations under fairly general assumptions about the error and regressors and allowing for multiple breaks in mean(More)
Optical beam spread and beam quality factor in the presence of both an initial quartic phase aberration and atmospheric turbulence are studied. We obtain the analytical expressions for both beam radius-squared and the beam quality factor using the moment method, and we compare these expressions with the results from Monte Carlo simulations, which allow us(More)
A method for probability density function (PDF) estimation using Bayesian mixtures of weighted gamma distributions, called the Dirichlet process gamma mixture model (DP-GaMM), is presented and applied to the analysis of a laser beam in turbulence. The problem is cast in a Bayesian setting, with the mixture model itself treated as random process. A(More)
Face perception is a critical social ability and identifying its neural correlates is important from both basic and applied perspectives. In EEG recordings, faces elicit a distinct electrophysiological signature, the N170, which has a larger amplitude and shorter latency in response to faces compared to other objects. However, determining the face(More)
A number of field experiments measuring the fluctuating intensity of a laser beam propagating along horizontal paths in the maritime environment is performed over sub-kilometer distances at the United States Naval Academy. Both above the ground and over the water links are explored. Two different detection schemes, one photographing the beam on a white(More)
BACKGROUND Partial facial allotransplantation is an emerging option in reconstruction of central facial defects, providing function and aesthetic appearance. Ethical debate partly stems from uncertainty surrounding identity aspects of the procedure. There is no objective evidence regarding the effect of donors' transplanted facial structures on appearance(More)
Given two virtually separate literatures on return predictability and the risk-return relation, this paper reconciles the two literatures by investigating the underlying mechanism of the return predictability literature through exploiting the risk-return relation. In developing an empirical model to examine the business cycles-risk-return relationship, we(More)