Charles R. Gruner

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In order to test the hypothesis that dogmatism is related to the underitanding and appreciation of editorial satireS, 116. University of Georgia speech students read and reacted to three editorial satires (two by Art Hoppe .and one by Art Buchwald) arranged in booklets in three different orders. Students were asked to choose from a list of five statements(More)
College students completed a 17-item scale measuring the "propensity to argue controversial topics" and 7 other nominal-scale independent variables. They then read three editorial satires and checked which of five statements was the intended thesis of each satire's author. They also rated each satire on interestingness and funniness. Analysis indicated(More)
OBJECTIVES : Mechanical stapling is widely used for lung resection. Complications related to the stapling are few but not infrequent. This varies from complete disruption of the staples to incomplete sealing of vascular structures. A stapling platform that has a strong clamping force with precise and consistent staple formation suitable for thickness of(More)
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