Charles R. Baugh

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Upper and lower bounds are derived for the number of pseudothreshold functions of n variables. (Pseudothershold logic is a generalization of threshold logic.) It is shown that a lower bound on the number of pseudothreshold functions P(n) of exactly n variables realized by zero-free structures is 2{(2n-(1/2) 4an-I +n The number of pseudothreshold functions(More)
This paper describes some techniques to improve the speed of the implicit enumeration method for solving zero-one integer programming problems. Among these techniques, the most powerful is the one of using a column vector which works as a tag for each inequality, indicating whether or not the inequality should be checked for the current partial solution. A(More)
IN FORTRAN PROGRAMMING of extensive storage problems the programmer has to devise elaborate schemes to make use of available space. The programmer also has to define the extent of the storage before execution, even when the sizes of the various data blocks are unknown. These requirements place severe restrictions on the efficient use of the size of the(More)