Charles R. Andrianjara

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A new class of MMP-12 inhibitors was discovered and optimized using structure-based drug design methods. Modeling studies using a known MMP-12 crystal structure identified a new interaction mode for these new MMP-12 inhibitors. Further optimization resulted in the discovery of a compound displaying nanomolar activity against MMP-12 and which was(More)
A three-dimensional model of the human neuropeptide Y(NPY)Y1 receptor (hY1) was constructed, energy refined and used to simulate molecular receptor interactions of the peptide ligands NPY, [L31, P34]NPY, peptide YY (PYY) and pancreatic polypeptide (PP), and of the nonpeptide antagonist R-N2-(diphenylacetyl)-N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)methyl-argininamide (BIBP3226)(More)
Recently, we reported structurally novel PDE4 inhibitors based on 1,4-benzodiazepine derivatives. The main interest in developing bezodiazepine-based PDE4 inhibitors is in their lack of adverse effects of emesis with respect to rolipram-like compounds. A large effort has thus been made toward the structural optimization of this series. In the absence of(More)
This study describes a selective and effective pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) coupled with HPLC-DAD-ESI/MS method for the identification and quantification of three fructosazine analogues (FZAs), fructosazine, 2,6- and 2,5-deoxyfructosazine in Madeglucyl® (MG) which is an ammonia treated extract of Eugenia jambolana Lamarck seeds, and is the world's(More)
A novel series of benzodiazepine derivatives have been discovered as inhibitors of PDE4 enzymes. We have found that our compounds are selective versus other PDE enzymes, and that the activity can be modulated by specific structural modifications. One compound exhibited a strong eosinophilic infiltration inhibiting action on sensitized Brown-Norway rats(More)
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